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New Marching Band Ready To Support Alderson Broaddus Football Team

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The Alderson Broaddus University Battler football team is getting ready for its first varsity football season, but they're not the only new group at Alderson Broaddus preparing for the home opener.

The Alderson Broaddus Battler marching band is also brand new, and they're forging their way through all new territory this year.

"It's been crazy from day one. Everything we do is the first time we do it, and everything is making history, and the students work even harder because of that. So pound for pound, on September 7, we'll be the best collegiate band in the state, which is pretty exciting," said Director of Athletic Bands Logan Lindsey.

The band members have also embraced the challenge. While there are a good number of freshmen in the group, returning music majors like Ty'shawn Berkley, who is the band's first drum major, are happy to have the chance to perform for a different crowd.

"It's great because we get to make our own traditions, and let people know that this is where the AB Battler band stands, so that's a great feeling," Berkley said.

Even the football team is getting excited for the season. Since the band is brand new, they needed to come up with all new music for the school, including a new fight song, which the team didn't hear until last week.

"The first time that the football team was coming on to practice when we were leaving practice, we played the fight song for them, and of course they hadn't heard it before, so they ran onto the field screaming right after we finished playing. Coaches had no control, it was amazing," Lindsey said.

And the athletes aren't the only ones who are working hard physically. Some band members and dancers are already nursing sore muscles of their own, but they said it's all worth the effort.

"It's exhausting, especially whenever we have to come out here whenever it's in the middle of the day and it's about 80 or 90 degrees, and you know, it's just really tiring, but I think it's all worth it and I think we're going to do a really good job," said majorette Kristyn Starcher.

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