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Restaurant Road Trip: Chillberry

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School may have started but summer isn't over yet. And there's nothing more refreshing than an ice cold treat on a hot summer's day and Chillberry, on High Street in Morgantown, offers its customers just that.

Frozen yogurt is becoming more and more popular. The locally owned Chillberry in Morgantown charges 41 cents per ounce and has healthy options. But some customers still opt for the whole nine yards, with candy coated toppings and more.

"Some of the classic chocolate flavor, and the New York cheesecake, I think it was. And another white flavor," said John Chainy, a WVU Sophomore and a customer. "They're all really good, I was really surprised. It tastes just like ice cream."

Raj Sundarem owns Chillberry and the Thai restaurant next door. He is able to get fresh fruit and other healthy options for the frozen yogurt.

"We have a lot of healthy toppings a lot of organic non-fat, non-sugar, no fat, no sugar options here," Sundarem said. "So, anyone whose got a sweet tooth, instead of going to an ice cream place this is a good way to go about it."

Chainy said that he was surprised how good the frozen yogurt was, calling it, "ice cream 2.0."

Sundarem said he noticed the lack of outdoor seating places in Morgantown and wanted to add that as a key point at his Froyo shop.

"So that's what we have created back here," Sundarem said. "I don't actually have any seating inside the frozen yogurt shop itself. The whole idea is to enjoy some organic yogurt and eat it in a natural setting. it really goes well."

The back includes a deck, a mulch area, and plenty of seating. Sundarem said the area is a great place to host birthdays or class trips.

"It's great, the patio is I mean, it's a great addition," Chainy said. "Enjoying some ice cream it sounds like a great idea, especially post partying. In a college town a place like this I'm sure we'll be a big hit. It's really nice."

Chillberry is located at 363 High Street. It's opened Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and closed on Sunday. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

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