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Greatest Pepperoni Cook-Off Benefits Local Musical

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The pepperoni roll is a famous snack for West Virginians. So why not use it to raise funds for a musical that teaches West Virginia's history?

The "Greatest Pepperoni Roll Cook Off" was held at the United Methodist Church in Morgantown Sunday. All of the proceeds went to help the production of the Golden Horseshoe. A musical written in honor of West Virginia's 150th birthday.

"It means an awful lot. We picked pepperoni rolls because obviously it's the quintessential West Virginia food and the musical being about West Virginia history," said R.J. Nestor, a co-writer of the musical and the book it is based on. "So, it just seemed like a good match. It's very exciting."

Within the first few minutes, hundreds of people entered to try some of local businesses' best pepperoni rolls. From your basic meat and cheese to ones shaped like cupcakes.

"We said, 'Okay, what can we do?' And we thought cook off," said Elisha Nestor, marketing director for 'Golden Horseshoe.' "So, we went out to local businesses who had pepperoni rolls, or those who didn't even have them on their menu, and said, 'Would you like to compete?' And they volunteered their time and pepperoni rolls for this event."

The musical is family-friendly. The writers are hoping to hold a few performances for students in the community.

"The father's storyline is reconnecting with his heritage as he's teaching it to his son," said R.J. Nestor. "And also helping his son then learn about West Virginia. The story is told in historical scenes through the boys imagination."

The winners receive a free 30-second commercial done by the writers. Their pepperoni rolls will also be served at the musical's grand opening.

The musical will hit the Metropolitan Theater the last weekend of October. If you'd like to purchase tickets or learn more about the musical visit the Facebook page or the website.

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