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Clarksburg Residents Rally to Keep Youth Off Drugs

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A group of residents held a rally in front of the Harrison County Courthouse on Saturday.

The residents held signs that said "honk if you care" and "save the youth." It's been almost two months since the shootings that took place on Locust Avenue and residents are still pulling the community together and fighting to keep drugs off the streets.

Local resident Nicki Washington said in Oct. 2012 her daughter was killed in a drug related incident. Washington said the police did nothing to help her and her family, and she also said she's tired of seeing innocent kids die from drugs.

She said she's glad that friends and family came out to the rally to support and raise awareness.

"I just feel like us as a community needs to come together because our children are dropping like flies. It seems like no one is doing anything about it, and I'm not going to let my child or anyone else's child die in vain," Washington said.

Residents said drugs have been a problem in the community for a long time. They also said it's time to come together as a community and keep drugs away from the youth. Residents said they'll keep holding protests to raise awareness about the problem with drugs.

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