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Davis and Elkins College Welcomes New Students

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A new batch of students arrived at Davis and Elkins College on Saturday. Orientation weekend was hosted by D&E to welcome the new students.

"Today is our opening day for our new students. We are welcoming them to the campus here in the McDonnell Center. Here they will be able to register, and take care of their financial aid," explained Michael Mihalyo, President of D&E College.

The welcome fair also introduced the students to some of the local businesses.

"We have a number of vendors and churches who are part of our community to welcome our students, and lots of coupons to inspire them to come visit their businesses," Mihalyo said.

Mihalyo said orientation day is an exciting one.

"This in fact is one of my favorite days every year. We have a large number of students joining us here and we couldn't be more delighted," Mihalyo said.

Returning students said it's always exciting to see the incoming freshmen.

"I work for the Senator Newspaper and we've had a lot of students come over and be interested. It seems like a good group, they're very excited to be here and I'm very excited; I think they will enjoy it here," said Paige McNeil, a senior college student.

A welcome picnic, convocation, and a dance were also held on Saturday.

Mihalyo said there are some changes at D&E this school year.

"We just for the first time had our soccer players on our new astro-turf field. We're inaugurating a dance program, and we have expanded and revitalized our art program," Mihalyo said.

Students will start classes on Monday. 

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