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WV Regional Jail Authority to Implement New Inmate Transportation Procedures

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Earlier this week, we told you about the Marion County Sheriff's Department's newest procedure for inmate transportation.

It is now asking for the original booking card for whenever an inmate is brought to the station. It is asking for the inmates original photo as well as a photo from that day.

The procedure has taken effect after Kevin Gregory swapped identification bracelets with another inmate, Bruce Clayton, to escape from jail.

The West Virginia Regional Jail Authority is also making changes to prevent a repeat of what happened.

One of those measures includes tracking inmates when they leave the facility.

"Anytime they move an inmate, not even necessarily moving them out of the facility, but even internal movement," said Joe Delong, Regional Jail Authority Executive Director. "If they are going to a wreck yard or going to a class, that inmates armband will be scanned as its checked now. That hand scanner will not only pull up all the information that goes along with that armband, it also goes along with a photo."

Delong said his employees do understand the severity of the mistake.

"We are willing to be held accountable for those mistakes," he said. "We will continue to train to make sure we eliminate those mistakes and those errors along the way so these types of mistakes don't happen again."

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