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Former W.S. Thomas Transfer Employees: 'Company Didn't Keep Promises'

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W.S. Thomas Transfer is a well known Fairmont business that has existed since 1899.

"Experiences there was great. It was a great family atmosphere. You got along with all of your employees. The experiences there was wonderful," said Joe Palmer, Former W.S. Thomas Trucking Employee.

Palmer worked at W.S. Thomas Trucking for almost nine years. The company was sold to Online Transport in July.

"I was expected everybody would have a job. All the office employees, all the shop employees would have a job. 51 days into my job, they terminated the position that I have and they just done away with it. Therefore, I was no longer needed," Palmer said.

When he asked for a reason, the company said it was a corporate level decision.

"My position was parts management. That there was no longer going to have a parts manager and that was on a corporate level," he said.

In an interview 12 News did with new vice present Billy Cunningham on July 15, he said there won't be any changes.

"The same employees will have a job, the same shop employees will have a job, the property will stay the same, the driving ports will stay the same, the only thing we want to do is expand the business for the community," Cunningham said.

Former employees said it was a promise that was broken.

"If they would have come out and said 'hey there's gonna be changes', it might have been taken a little bit easier. But with the assurance that the good people of old W.S. Thomas, many lost their jobs and had to do what was better for their family," Palmer said.

12 News stopped by W. S. Thomas on Thursday and reached out to them several times on the phone but so far, have not gotten a response from the company.

Stick with 12 News as we continue to learn more.

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