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Gilmer County Residents Concerned About Recent Earthquakes

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Some Gilmer County residents are concerned about recent earthquakes in the area.

Earthquakes can happen here but three in the last month seems unusual.

However, none of the earthquakes have been strong enough to cause injury or serious damage.

Glenville State College professor Joe Evans said he doesn't know what's causing the earthquakes but that many people see a connection to natural gas drilling in the area.

"You discover that a lot of people are at least correlating the occurrence of these earthquakes in the area where we're doing a lot of drilling, and particularly the fracking," Evans said.

Evans also said that any activity underground may have the potential to cause seismic activity.

"Coal mining, for example, has been associated with some earthquakes in the past, so anything that begins to put pressure on the system underground, could cause and earthquake to occur," said Evans.

Evans said he thinks an investigation into the cause would be worthwhile, given the sudden occurrence of so many earthquakes.

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