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WVU Starts Running Sunday Shopping Shuttle Bus for Students

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Students having a car on West Virginia University's campus is a privilege not a right.

In fact, freshmen who live in the dorms aren't even permitted to have a car because of limited parking. That makes shopping anywhere but Kroger, which is right across the street, difficult. But that's where the bus comes in handy.

The Shopping Shuttle began running the Sunday WVU students returned to campus.

It picked up at Towers, and at some downtown locations and dropped off at places that are difficult to get to without a car.

"I've only used the bus once or twice but it's definitely useful because it takes you everywhere up by the mall, and Walmart, and Sam's Club," said Jamie Tersigni, a WVU student. "And it comes every hour, I think. So it's very useful."

Almost 5,000 students that live in the dorms are without a car for their first year of school. The shuttle bus provides them with the opportunity to see more of Morgantown and the surrounding areas. Students can ride the bus free with a valid student ID.

"It's definitely going to help because again, I don't have a car. So, I'm going to need to get groceries, and every once in awhile I need to go grab something from the mall. Because the mall is really far from here too," said Carla Blanc, a WVU student. "So its good, its a good idea."

Tersigni thinks the bus is a good idea and can be more than just a form of transportation.

"Yeah, especially for kids that don't drive and don't really know anybody yet to get a ride, it's useful. Plus you can always meet people on the bus. It's a good time."

The WVU Shopping Shuttle Bus runs every Sunday from noon until 9:30 p.m.

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