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High School Football Preview: Preston Knights

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At 3-7 Preston County didn't finish last season quite how it hoped, but with the coaching carrousel providing yet another new head coach, who could blame them?

This year coach Tennant is back and the Knights are feeling good.

"We've played with a different coach every year we've been up here. It nice to come back to the same program and have everything the same," said senior Nicholas DeWitt.

Coach Jonathan Tennant's return to Kingwood ends a streak of three new coaches in as many years.

"Last year was a brand new offensive and defensive system. We're way ahead of where we were last year installation goes, but we have to replace some players, with some experienced and inexperienced guys," said Tennant.

The Knights are more comfortable this August, and it shows up in practice, but they certainly can't relax. The team has higher expectations for the 2013-14 season. Coaches expect the smoother practices to turn into wins.

"We expect to compete with everyone we play," said Tennant. "We're in the Big 10 conference now, we were 3-3 last year and hope to do better this year. We have to stay injury free and have new kids step up and prove that they can play at this level."

Another positive in Kingwood is leadership, Tennant said seniors are stepping up. Players add that the past bickering and arguing from the past is no longer an issue.

"This year we're helping out our freshman, we don't want them to feel like we did coming up through high school We want them to feel better about themselves," said senior Dakota Tasker.

"There has been great leadership throughout the whole off season," said Tennant. "If your a senior in this program, you're expected to set the example and lead."

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