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WVU Welcomes Thousands of New Students on Move In Day

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Around 5,000 new incoming freshmen are moving into WVU's campus starting this weekend. Ninety percent of them will be moving in Friday. Some are coming from right down the street and from other states.

The Abruzzini family traveled seven hours to make the trip from Connecticut. They arrived at Towers early because they've done this before. One of their daughters already graduated from WVU in May. Her younger sister, Sarah, said she's excited to follow in her foot steps.

"My roommate and I are supposed to be moving in at the same time so its going to be all at once and then we're just going to get situated and we're going to have our floor meeting," said Sarah Abruzzini, a WVU Freshman.

The Abruzzini family, like many others, isn't high-tailing it out of Morgantown as soon as they are finished unpacking.

"We figured we might need to get her a few things extra, in case we forgot anything. It's a long drive home," said Cheri Abruzzini, Sarah's mother. "So we'll probably say goodbye to her this afternoon, and my husband I will just go to dinner, and hang out until tomorrow."

The students and their families weren't left by themselves to unpack. RA's and "Hot Shots" were on hand to do some heavy lifting. "Hot Shots" are students who were able to move in a day early if they agreed to help.

"That's the incentive; a free meal and they come in a day early but the other part is, some of them use it for community service because they're able to help their fellow students move in," said Corey Farris, WVU Dean of Students.

WVU Police were also on hand to direct traffic and keep people unpacking as quickly as possible.

The last thing for families to do is say their goodbyes.

"I think getting used to not having my parents around is going to be tough," Sarah Abruzzini said. "But I'll get used to it."

"It's going to be hard, because she's my baby," Cheri Abruzzini said.

Morgantown traffic was backed up Friday due to Move In Day. Both the Evansdale and Downtown campuses were congesting side streets and streets running through campus.

"Parking is going to be a premium. It's going to be difficult to find a spot near your dorm or your apartment. Parking is going to be enforced but relaxed if that makes sense. We're going to try to be as tolerant as we can," said Sgt. Bryon Hennessey, of the Morgantown Police Department.

WVU and Morgantown police asked people to not block streets, fire hydrants, or handicap areas. Morgantown Police were also on the main roads running traffic lights and helping with directions.

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