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Taylor County Schools Receive Electrical Upgrades

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The summer of 2013 was a busy one for the Taylor County School Board.

Members of the Grafton community have worked together over the past several years to raise money for a new turf football field and scoreboards at Grafton High School.

As if that wasn't enough, Grafton and three other schools received electrical upgrades.

The school board said there weren't enough electrical outlets to accommodate changing technology. The project cost about $1 million.

The school board said it put a lot of its own money into the project, but received a grant from the School Board Association for the rest.

Taylor County Superintendent Bob Maynard said the project is a necessity and was a long time coming.

"We got money from SBA. All of our schools were upgraded. We had new lightning resisters put on our buildings because we had a couple buildings in the past that lightning strikes and it wipes out everything," he said.

Grafton High, Taylor County Middle, and Anna Jarvis and Flemington Elementary schools all got those upgrades.

West Taylor Elementary School is the newest in the county, opening just a couple of years ago.

Maynard said the school wasn't in need of electrical upgrades like the other four were.

The school board will now begin to focus on future projects.

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