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College Students Find Ways To Save Money On Textbooks

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It's almost that time again. In just a few days, students will be heading back to campus.

With a brand new school year, comes a brand new set of textbooks. As many people already know, they aren't cheap.

"Around 600 dollars I'd say a semester," said Matt Britcher, FSU Sophomore.

Matt Britcher is not alone.

Students spend hundreds of dollars every semester on textbooks alone and they rarely get the money back.

"Sometimes they don't use the books so you can't sell them back," Britcher said. "If you get lucky, you can find ways to rent them or buy used books. A lot of times, you buy new books and they come out with a new book for the next semester and you're out of luck."

As much as students don't want to spend the money, textbooks are necessary.

"It's necessary to have books to be successful in school. As you look at classes you're taking, you should be able to get a very good idea of what the cost of those books would be," said Kaye Widney, Vice President of Student Services.

Chegg, Amazon, and Abe are some resources that students use to save money on books every semester.

"Bookstores will often have used books that students can purchase. That's going to control the cost. What we're seeing over the last few year growing more and more is the ability to rent textbooks," said Widney.

If you don't feel like carrying your heavy backpack around campus or you just can't afford to purchase your books this semester, you can head over to the shared library of Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community and Technical College.

Your book may be available for library use for three hours at a time with no charge.

"They're just expensive. There's not really a whole lot you can do lessen the cost. Find the cheapest books you can whether that's online, or rented books, or used books," Britcher said.

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