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Doctors Remind Parents to Keep Kids Up to Date on Immunization Shots

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Kids will return back to school soon and it also means physicians will be making sure kids are up to date on their immunizations.

Doctors said it's a requirement that children be caught up on their vaccines before attending school.

Kindergarten students have to have shots like measles, mumps and rubella vaccines.

Students attending seventh grade or 12th grade are required to get a tetanus and meningitis shot.

Doctors said the most important thing is to keep your hands sanitized.

"The biggest thing to prevent other kinds of disease and colds is to just washing your hands, making sure kids are washing their hands before lunch, washing as soon as they get home from school, before they have their snack. Hand washing is huge. You can even send to school with a bottle of hand sanitizer, a small bottle they can use if they don't get a chance to wash their hands before they eat," said Dr. Johanna Biola, of Biola Family Practice.

Doctors said physicals for fall sports were done August 1 but they're still conducting them for athletes who are playing sports in the spring.

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