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Lee the Horselogger Stops in Harrison County

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Lee the Horselogger has been traveling in a horse drawn wagon for the last seven years and has been across the country three times. Tuesday morning he was in Enterprise, and was traveling towards Clarksburg.

He uses five horses to pull the wagon, and stops at camp sites or restaurants every night. The current horses he travels with are Fred, Alice, Tom, Dink and Faye.

Lee started in Montana in 2006, and has been traveling ever since. You might be wondering why he does all this traveling in a covered wagon; Lee said its all for work.

"We follow logging jobs and visit people. Currently we're going to Summersville, West Virginia, where I have a four to six week job there. From there we'll head back up to Morgantown, and from Morgantown we'll head to probably Illinois where I have a job there. Instead of using machinery I use the horses to skid everything with, and they can get to places other machines can't," Lee explained.

Lee said he can always use supplies such as feed for the horses. He said people will stop at his campsite and bring him things, or they can go to his website and find what he needs.

You can follow Lee the Horselogger's travels at his Facebook page.

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