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Harrison County Communities Discuss Ways to Fight Drug Problem

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After a drug deal gone bad took the lives of four people, including two innocent bystanders, community leaders and residents started asking themselves "What can we do to change this problem?"

On Monday, August 12th, leaders from the City of Clarksburg, City of Shinnston, and the Harrison County Board of Education met with the Bridgeport City Council to discuss ways to fight the growing drug problem.

Bridgeport, Clarksburg and Shinnston formed the Harrison County Drug Awareness and Prevention Program.

Local Delegates and Senators along with the Harrison County Commission and the Harrison County Board of Education have all joined the new coalition designed to clean up the county's drug problem.

Its plan is to get as many agencies and people involved to bring about drug awareness, education and enforcement.

At Monday night's meeting, community members and leaders showed their commitment to fighting the drug problem and eagerness to make change.

"We need this to come to fruition.Failure is not an option. Our children's lives are at hand here. Failure is not an option. We have to have success," said Mario Blount, Mayor of Bridgeport.

"We realize that separate we are weak but together we are strong and together we can fight against this drug problem in our county. We have an addiction problem here for people to get help we have programs that'll help but at the same time for people who want to distribute drugs we're going to make it a bad place for them to be," said Patsy Trecost, a member of the Clarksburg City Council.

The new coalition will meet in the next few weeks and invites anyone of any age to help.

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