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Lewis County Ends Year With Budget Surplus

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Lewis County ended the last fiscal year with about $5 million still in the county coffers.

County Commission President Pat Boyle said operating the county's budget as a business has helped keep expenses down, leaving plenty for the county to work with at the year's end.

Boyle credits the work of the entire commission and other county offices in keeping the county on track.

"We go over the budget, every six months we're reviewing, constantly we're looking at the numbers, every month we're looking at where each office is, how much money they've spent and what's left in their budget," Boyle said.

Boyle said that money will be put to good use. Some of that money will go to supplement next year's budget, and others will be spent to pay for equipment upgrades and other needed improvements.

A big portion will also go to provide extra funds for the county's monthly bill from the Regional Jail Authority.

County officials have almost doubled the amount of money for that expense this year. They expect to have much larger bills this year, thanks in part to the efforts of the Lewis County Sheriff's Department and Sheriff Adam Gissy in fighting drugs in the county.

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