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Restaurant Road Trip: Sirianni's Cafe

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"Make pizza, not war." That's the message Sirianni's Cafe in Davis, Tucker County has been sharing with its customers for more than 25 years...and it has no plans to stop serving up pizzas anytime soon.

"It's a good feeling. When someone says 'I really love this dish, I really love this food.' You just don't get that everywhere," said Mike Goss, general manager of Sirianni's.

And there are plenty of those "feel-good" dishes to go around. From Sal's Pasta to Wally's Veggie Pizza, everything at Sirianni's is made fresh, with the customer in mind.

"From produce to dough to anything, it's all made that day. Lettuce is washed that day, produce is cut that day," said Mike Goss.

For part-owner Saundra Goss, it doesn't matter who you are. Whether it's keeping family and tradition in mind when creating dishes, or catering to those who aren't native West Virginians, she wants her customers to have a dining experience they will never forget.

"I've had exchange students from Brazil before, and they'll call me and say, "'Saundra, I really miss you, but I really miss the wedge, too!'" said Saundra Goss.

The Gosses know how important it is for their customers to cherish those memories with loved ones, enough to start documenting them.

"I had to put glass on the tables because they're so old. Somebody started putting business cards under it, so then we just started putting paper on the table for them, and they started leaving notes under the tables…our first trip here, our last trip here, a lot of them are dated…we've been eating here for 20 years," said Mike Goss.

"And people started leaving money…no hundred dollar bills yet!" said Saundra Goss.

There are plenty of reasons why Sirianni's has become one of the most popular dining spots in the Blackwater Falls/Canaan Valley area, and the restaurant's eclectic decor is just one of them.

"We inherit certain things like the old Blackwater Falls sign, which is beautiful."

Derek Napenas has been coming to Sirianni's since he was a child and said not much has changed.

"Throughout the years, they would get the Glenn Plake, and different posters," said Napenas. "I love the atmosphere. It's small town, but I don't know. I just love coming here."

You'll find Sirianni's Cafe on Williams Avenue in Davis, or at its Canaan Valley location. Note: credit cards are not accepted.

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