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Division of Highways Introduces New Traffic Flow at Intersection in Bridgeport

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For years, people complained about the wait times at the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Lodgeville Road in Bridgeport.

The Division of Highways recognized the issues there and spent months installing new traffic lights and adding additional turning lanes.

"I think it's better, but there's still more work to be done," said Frederick Spencer, who travels through that intersection often.

Greg Phillips, Director of the Division of Highways in Clarksburg, said that most of the feedback has been positive. But as with all changes, he said there is a learning curve.

"It takes three to six months usually for people to get used to the intersection," Phillips said.

One of the changes that may take drivers by surprise is the lighted arrows in exchange for the circle lights that most are used to.

"It's a new federal standard. They feel it is more visible to see the green arrow than the green light," Phillips said.

"They're a little confusing," Spencer said.

Phillips said there are two green arrows on each light, which also may be confusing to drivers. But there is a reason for the double arrow. Spencer said the extra arrow is there for backup, in case one of the lights goes out.

According to Phillips, the new arrow lights are a trend of the future. New federal regulations require crews to use those arrow lights instead.

But perhaps the biggest change at the intersection is the shift in right-of-way.

Before, cars traveling from the Meadowbrook Mall to Bridgeport High School had the right-of-way at the curve by the Sheetz. But now, going around that curve is considered a left hand turn. Cars continuing straight toward Lodgeville Road now have the right-of-way.

"That's confusing also because people are people of habit. If you are used to coming down and going left, there are going to be accidents because people don't realize the directions have been changed," Spencer said.

"Sometimes they ignore the light, or not aware that there is a light and things have changed. You have to be cautious," Phillips said.

Phillips said the intersection will be one for drivers to keep their eyes on even more so, when school starts next week and younger, less experienced drivers join the traffic.

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