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Students, Parents Participate in Step Up Days in Weston

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Monday and Tuesday were Step Up Days for kids at Robert L. Bland Middle School in Weston, to help prepare them for the adjustment to a new school. But while the kids were learning the rules, and getting over their fears, parents were, too!

"Along with the kids, the parents are nervous as well. So it's a day to let them come in, learn about how things go at our school, policies, procedures, and set up a computer account, etc. So it makes the kids more comfortable, and of course the parents become more comfortable as well," said teacher and organizer Tammie Lattea.

Parents met with teachers throughout the day to learn more about everything at the school from dress codes to cell phone policies. While parents of rising fifth-graders learn a lot, they're not the only ones. Shelly Kraus' daughter will start seventh grade at RLBMS this year after attending St. Patrick Elementary School, and she said it's been a good experience for her.

"I definitely think it's helpful to see. There've been some great people here today who've made it very apparent that it's about the students, so to see that teachers are invested in your child just as much as you are is helpful and calming," Kraus said.

Parents also had the chance to express their specific concerns about their own kids. Lattea said she's heard many parents whose kids had similar worries, and said many of them will come away from the program with those worries put to rest.

"A lot of parents have talked about their students losing sleep because they're anxious about starting at the middle school. And then they come in, they have a good day, they have fun, they meet their classmates, they see their old friends, and they meet new friends, and it helps them feel comfortable about starting the new school year," Lattea said.

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