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UPDATE: Anmoore Town Council Addresses Financial Problems

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Update 9/4/13

The Anmoore Town Council met on September 3 for its regularly scheduled meeting and further discussed the town's financial issues.

Council member Heather Gillespie said the town still owes more than $160,000 in unpaid taxes and bills. In addition, the fire department owes more than $146,000 in unpaid taxes and bills. 

Gillespie said the council is looking to hire an office clerk to assist with bill paying and monitoring financial records.

The council also appointed two members to the fire department's checking account to add checks and balances for over spending.  

Gillespie said the town has hired a CPA to determine if water and sewer rates need to be adjusted.

According to Gillespie, the town brings in roughly $900,000 annually.  Gillespie said the town will continue to cut back on spending until the debt is caught up and under control.



The Anmoore Town Council is still trying to get out from under more than $250,000 of debt.

Monday night, it provided the public with an inventory of all the town's expenses.

Council member Heather Gillespie said she's working with the IRS on a payment plan for back taxes.

Gillespie also said the new council will continue to work toward getting the town out of debt.

"We've got some income coming in and we're trying to make changes and adjustments to get that taken care of," said Gillespie.

"This new council, they seem like they are aware now of the problem they are getting rid of the bad, so to speak, and hopefully that will get back on track, and it seems like that is what they are trying to do," said John Compton, an employee of the town.

Council also accepted the mayor's appointment of veteran lawman Don Quinn as Anmoore's new police chief.

Original Story

Anmoore Town Council held a meeting on Monday where it discussed financial issues.

It was revealed at the meeting that tax forms were not filed correctly, leaving the town with an estimated $250,000 of unpaid taxes.

An audit was done recently that showed this amount along with 22 violations.

Council members requested to get rid of the town's credit cards, and financial records were also formally requested to see if the town's money is being used properly.

Council members explained why it was so important to discuss the problem and come up with a solution.

"As a council person it's my job to represent the town and I don't feel that I can do that without knowing where our money is. I think right now our main concern and our biggest priority is to get our finances in order so that we can do things that we need to do," said Heather Gillespie, a council member.

Anmoore Mayor Eddie Hardman said he doesn't think anything suspicious is going on.

"The problem was the filing of the taxes, as far as that goes that's where the problem is. As far as anything else I don't feel there is any kind of wrong doing, it was just a matter of filing that taxes incorrectly. We're going to look at bringing in an accounting firm or a CPA in to take care of that right now," explained Hardman.

Also at the meeting on Monday it was revealed that Police Chief and office manager Chris Magee resigned from both positions at the last meeting.

It was also said that he was responsible for filing the tax forms that did not get turned in.

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