Injured Veteran Receives One of A Kind Racing ATV


A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Vigilant Vet Racing and showed you a work in progress; a one of a kind racing ATV built for a veteran who lost his legs while on patrol in Afghanistan.

We were there recently when that veteran, Brandon Rumbaugh, took it for its first ride.

Waynesburg Yamaha finished Rumbaugh's ATV that morning of the delivery.

"The decals are probably still a little wet," said shop owner Brian Vasko.

Vasko and Vigilant Vet Racing's Rick Proctor rolled the ATV out of a trailer, and Rumbaugh was on it right away.

"I never really thought this day would come," he said. "Actually getting ready to race and having my own quad and having one built specifically for me. Since I got hurt and everything this is probably one of the greatest things that's happened in a long time."

It took months, a one of a kind design, and teamwork from across the country to make this happen.

Vasko and Proctor took Rumbaugh on a private ATV track in Washington, Pennsylvania, to break in his new ride.

They sped along straightaways, hugged hairpin turns, and climbed trails through the woods.

"It's really cool to come out here and see the bike as we designed it working exactly for what we designed it for," Vasko said.

This is the first time Rumbaugh has ridden such a powerful sport ATV, and Vasko was impressed.

"You're doing awesome," he told Rumbaugh during a break in the ride.

"It's hard to put into words," Rumbaugh said of the experience, "because I personally didn't think that this would ever, ever be possible or it would go this well. And I really think that we're going to be able to do something with this and do this for a long time."

Brandon will train and eventually compete with Vigilant Vet Racing in the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) circuit, becoming Proctor's first teammate.

He also spurred the collaboration for the ATV build.

"My greatest accomplishment personally is working on this project," Proctor said.

Their work with Vigilant Vet Racing continues as more veterans contact them looking to get into ATV's, racing, or just meeting other veterans who can understand the battles they bring home combat.

"Seeing a smile on a veteran's face," Proctor said, "it just personally hits home for me and it's just worth it. It's awesome. We need to be doing this for a lot of veterans."

Proctor said Rumbaugh plans to compete in his first race this Sunday.

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