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Bridgeport Dry Cleaning Business Operating in Trailer After Strip Mall Fire

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Things like fires and natural disasters can quickly get out of control.

They can flatten homes, destroy businesses, and take lives in seconds.

Three and a half months ago, fire destroyed the Johnson Center in Bridgeport, including Dry Cleaning World, that had been in business there for 18 years.

Todd Morgan, owner of Dry Cleaning World, remembers watching it all unfold.

"Came up and spent the evening here, watched the building go up in flames. I was able to get in my spot later that night and salvage stuff. We were able to salvage everyone's clothes," said Todd Morgan, owner of Dry Cleaning World in Bridgeport.

The building was ruled a total loss, and business owners were forced out of the building.

Morgan looked all over town for a new location.

"I looked all around the area right here, there wasn't any vacant stores for me to go in to. And I didn't want to change location, because people know we're here because we've been here," Morgan said.

It turns out the road to recovery was just out back.

"I had the idea, talked to my insurance company to rent a temporary trailer to get up. Took us three weeks from the time the fire started and we were back open in business," Morgan said.

It's not ideal, but he said it's a start.

"Road construction hurt too. When that all happened, road construction hampered us a little bit. It's coming back slow but sure, but people are coming back now," Morgan said.

Morgan said there are preliminary plans to build a smaller-sized building to house his businesses and a few others nearby.

The property owner is still waiting to hear back from the insurance company to decide the fate of the property.

Roberto's Pizza was also housed in that building, and is set to open shop at the North Central Regional Airport.

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