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Taylor County Sheriff's Department Cracking Down On Speeding

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West Virginia law enforcement have started enforcing some new laws, including ones banning talking on a cell phone while driving and wearing a seat belt.

Some people are forgetting one law that has been around for years now: speeding.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Department isn't giving warnings anymore in an effort to put a stop to the problem.

"They tried to be nice and give us a opportunity by giving us warning tickets right along. Only the most severe have been punished," said Bob Bryan, Grafton resident. "But they are going to have to crack down to get people's attention."

Deputies said the biggest problem on U.S. 119 and Route 50 near Grafton is speeding.

"About a month ago on Ivandale Straight, which is Route 50, a vehicle was traveling east on 50 and I clocked him going 105," said Chief Deputy Robert Beltner, Taylor County Sheriff's Department.

As a matter of fact, our interview with the Taylor County Sheriff's Department was cut short due to a vehicle flying by at 70 miles per hour.

"This guy was going 70. Here we are, he isn't even slowing down," Chief Deputy Beltner said. "This guy is flying."

The vehicle was stopped about five miles up the road.

Residents living off U.S. 119 are concerned about the safety of their families who travel the roads daily.

"We have a lot of people who exercise along the road, run, and ride bicycles. Mostly what I always think about is my wife and my three daughters travel this road and I don't want someone to injure them or take their life just because they are a few minutes late," Bryan said.

Deputies said they will no longer give warnings because the problem is getting out of hand.

"I mean its just everyday. I'm just telling people today. The warning's over. We are going to start writing keepers," Chief Deputy Beltner said.

Deputies said speeding is illegal and when it comes to your life, nothing is more important.

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