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Test it Tuesday: Squeezy Freezy

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In this week's Test it Tuesday, we decided to cool off by trying out the "Squeezy Freezy."

It claims to be an easy way to make your own slushies using any cold drink, which sounds pretty refreshing.

According to the instructions, the "polar freeze cup" must freeze for at least six hours to be effective. I left my cup in the freezer for a few days, just to be safe. The cup is lined with pouches that feel like ice packs, and it was definitely frozen when I pulled it out of the freezer.

First, poured in some strawberry melon flavored drink. I filled the cup about halfway and screwed on the dome cap, but as I was squeezing the cup the liquid started leaking from the bottom of the cap. Not a lot, but enough to make me think I overfilled it.

After just a few minutes, my drink was pretty slushy! I used the spoon/straw provided in the kit to scoop some out and it was tasty.

Next, I wanted to see if there was enough freezing power in the cup to "slushify" more than one drink. This time I tried cream soda, but could not get it to slush. Instead, all I could do was sip on some extra-sold soda.

Overall, the "Squeezy Freezy" delivered on its promise. You'll just have to watch how much drink you pour in, and make sure you have a backup cup in the freezer if you want to make more than one drink. 

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