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Residents of North Elm Street Worried About Child Safety Surrounding Flooded Road

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Residents of North Elm Street in Laurel Valley, Harrison County contacted 12 News with concerns about their road, which sometimes resembles a creek more than a road.

"This is the road in front of my house, which sits right over there. Every time it rains, we have issues with the water standing in the road," said Donna Elder, a resident.

Elder said she and other residents worry about the children in the neighborhood, who use the street as a place to ride their bikes. She said the standing water is now home to tadpoles, frogs and bugs. She and other residents have a hard time keeping the kids from jumping right in.

"And they're constantly asking 'why can't play in the water, it's hot?' And they don't understand that there is bacteria in this water, you don't know what's growing in it, it's not a safe place for you to play," Elder said.

She said she and other adults in the area do their best to keep the kids out of the water, because they fear what's living in it could be detrimental to their health.

"The bacteria, the mosquitoes. You read in the paper, just yesterday, there is West Nile in Harrison County. Standing water draws in mosquitoes, that's one of the reasons we're worried about small children playing here," Elder said.

Another concern is the nearby drain. Elder said the drain is clogged with rocks and dirt, and the water has overflowed into the street and neighboring properties. The two-foot-deep drain does not have a cover or a grate to keep children or small animals from falling in.

"The drain is an open drain. There is no covering over it. It's just open. The water just sits there. If someone were to walk through, they are going to fall in. A small child could drown," Elder said.

The problem is intensified in periods of heavy rain, when the water then drains into Elder's backyard and fills the street entirely. But Elder said rain isn't the only weather pattern that puts herself and her neighbors in harms way.

"We've had a good six inches of ice in the road, where the water stands," Elder said.

Elder said the Division of Highways has checked out the road and even attempted to drain out the water. 

12 News contacted the DOH, but that call was not immediately returned.  

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