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Free Electronic Recycling Held in Fairmont

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The Marion County Solid Waste Authority held its annual electronic recycling day Saturday afternoon.

People were encouraged to drive through, drop off their electronics, and have them recycled correctly by the Authority.

The Solid Waste Authority was collecting the electronics near Palatine Park. The authority said it was a central location, which made it easy for anyone to get there.

It was accepting just about any electronic, except for large appliances like refrigerators.

"Anything from air conditioners, TVs, computers, vacuum cleaners, fans, just about anything," said Bobbi Benson, executive director of the Marion County Solid Waste Authority.

The Authority said this is a better way to dispose of unwanted electronics rather than just throwing them away.

"We're collecting electronics to recycle, which keeps them from going to the landfill, or keep people from throwing them over the hill," said Benson.

Benson said when bringing electronics such as computers, there's no need to worry about what the hard drive contains.

"Our company that we hired, they shred the hard drives, so everything is confidential. They will even issue certificates if asked, that show it was disposed of properly," explained Benson.

For more information on electronic recycling you can visit the E-Waste Management website.

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