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12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson With Ryan Koury: Putting It All Together

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PGA Professional Ryan Koury and WBOY Sports Director Matt Hauswirth concluded the 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson summer series on Friday by going head-to-head on the 16th hole at Mountaineer Golf Course in Morgantown.

We spent eight weeks going over various lessons and tips to improve your golf game. The point of playing a hole during the final week of the series was to try and execute as many of the lessons as we could.

Ryan and I began with the tee shot on the Par 4, 16th at Mountaineer. He chose a 5 iron, while I picked a driver. Although my ball landed nearly 10 yards ahead of his, both of our shots were in the middle of the fairway with a great chance at making the green on the next shot.

Ryan explained the details behind a good tee shot during our fifth golf lesson a few weeks back.

"I'm going to swing the club back alone the target line, turn at the top, and then come underneath of this," he said. "This shaft will prevent us from going this direction here and rather will have to swing on a more inside track here."

We then moved on to our second shot, which offered nearly the same dynamic. Both of us hit the green, but went with different ways of doing so. Ryan hit a longer club, while I went with a pitching wedge in order to get the ball up and over the hill and on to the green.

During our fourth golf lesson, Ryan went over the two different ways of hitting a high pitched shot, opposed to a lower shot that runs up on to the green. I decided to go with the higher pitcher shot in order to gain more elevation.

"We're going to have our hands take us 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock. So the swing is going to be not harder, but a little bit longer," he said. "So we're going to swing more to here, and finish more to here."

Transitioning from the fairway to the green offered several different difficulties. Both of our putts were nearly 15 feet away from the hole. Ryan's very first golf lesson discussed lag putting and the strategic way of being able to successfully execute longer putts.

"We're not going to swing the putter faster or harder at the golf ball. We're going to swing it a little bit longer and we're going to finish the stroke a little longer. We're just lengthening our stroke the longer the putt is," he said.

We both placed the ball only a few feet from the hole, which led to simple par putts. We both finished the hole with 4 shots apiece and pars.


If you're looking for golf lessons in the North Central West Virginia area, then be sure to contact PGA Professional Ryan Koury for those services.

PGA Professional Ryan Koury (Golf Instructor):

E-Mail - rkoury@pga.com

Phone - (301) 573-9442


All eight lessons can be seen in their entirety on YouTube. Here's the link:



We would like to sincerely thank all of the viewers for tuning in each week to the 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson. Also, we appreciate Mountaineer Golf Course in Morgantown for allowing us to film on the course each week. Thanks everyone!

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