Masontown Town Council Discusses Water Sewage Plant Issues


Residents of Masontown in Preston County could face a sewer rate increase.

Town council met Wednesday evening to discuss the water sewage treatment plant.

The current plant is only 10 years old, but its technology is outdated, and it would cost more than $9 million to replace it. Residents said it's not fair that people in other communities like Reedsville and Bretz use the Masontown sewage plant, but that they'll be the ones who have to pay to replace it.

Masontown could receive almost a $1 million in grants from different government agencies, but residents said that it isn't enough when they still owe bills on the current sewage treatment plant.

"I think citizens of this community can't afford it. We have a lot of retirees here on fixed incomes and for them $40 or $50 increase is a lot of money. It's going to a choice of whether you buy your medicine or pay your sewer bill," said resident Phil Turner.

Masontown is currently in violation with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for to much flow and discharge into Decker Creek.

Thrasher Engineering has developed three plans for a replacement facility. Representatives from Thrashers Engineering said that the DEP has changed their regulations since the current water treatment plant opened and that Masontown has been in violation for quite some time.

The Masontown sewage treatment plant will take on more than 50 customers in Arthurdale early next year.

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