Low Tunnels Can Be a Cost Effective Way to Extend the Growing Season


The Bridgeport Library hosted Larry Campbell of the West Virginia University Extension Service Wednesday evening.

Campbell showed a group how to extend the summer growing season using a low tunnel.

A low tunnel protects plants and vegetables from frost which increases the harvest. It is made out of inexpensive items that can be found at gardening suppliers.

Campbell said that for just about $50 a low tunnel can be made. He said it's an inexpensive way to eat healthier.

"You're growing something that you know what the inputs were into it, it tastes good, and you had the satisfaction of growing it. Maybe your family and children were involved; they learned where the food comes from. There are so many benefits of growing your own," said Campbell.

Campbell said some of the produce that can be grown into the winter season includes lettuce, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, turnips, and radishes.

The people at the seminar learned how to build a low tunnel. They actually built a 30-foot long low tunnel, and one person walked away with that one, courtesy of the Bridgeport Library.

Campbell said a suggested retailer to buy the supplies needed to build your own low tunnel is Johnny's Selected Seeds. Visit this website to learn more.

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