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Final Installment of Barbecue University Held at WVU

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For the last three weeks, the executive chef at the Erikson Alumni Center has been teaching the art of barbecue.

The first class was rubs and sauces and the second class discussed the importance of choosing the right meat.

The final class was held Tuesday. It was themed "Pulling it all Together."

"We did a combination of a lot of the foods we did the first two weeks, with sauces and things. We changed the proteins and did some different vegetables and starches to complete the meal," said Scott Spiker, executive chef at the Erikson Alumni Center.

For Spiker, the final class of Barbecue University is the most important one.

"It gives them a couple of weeks to think about if they have any questions and what they might be, and to be able to really think about what's going on with the first two weeks of the class," Spiker said.

For the final class Spiker made pesto crusted lamb chops, grilled pineapple upside down cake, and wild boar leg using some of the techniques and rubs he taught in previous weeks.

Spiker said he wanted the class to walk away being more confident on the grill.

"I want them to be able to experiment a little bit. I want them to be able to do something on the grill that they may not have done before they took the class," explained Spiker.

Father and son Keith and Chris Wade both agree they learned to be more creative when grilling.

"My traditional grilling has been the basic hamburger, hot dog, steak, maybe chicken as well. This has taught us that we can be far more creative and there are far more options for us to grill," said Keith Wade from Fairmont.

"This past weekend, actually, we tried grilling the hearts of romaine lettuce, and a couple different fruits and vegetables and stuff like that, so just being more creative overall," Chris Wade explained.

The West Virginia University Alumni Association plans to host a comfort foods class in the fall.

You can learn more about the Alumni Association here.

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