Lewis County Board of Education Approves Teacher Dress Code


A little more than a month ago, the teachers of Lewis County came out in full force to oppose a dress code that concerned them.

The Lewis County Board of Education met Monday evening to discuss the proposed teacher dress code.

The agenda item was pushed back twice, and a decision was made Monday.

After hearing from a lawyer and teachers, the board voted unanimously to ban blue jeans, faded jeans, and shorts.

The teachers were not pleased with the decision.

"I'm very disappointed. I think I give 200 percent of myself for this county, and I don't feel like they have given me any respect back. They said they're doing this to protect us from the few people that didn't follow the dress code. As far as I'm concerned, and from my understanding, blue jeans was never involved in that. So I don't understand why they are taking away the blue jeans," said Carmen Shafer, a Lewis County teacher.

Although the teachers are disappointed, BOE President Paul Derico said the board wanted to make both the teachers and public happy.

"We've had a lot of comments, or at least I have personally, and that comment is, 'I'm glad you board members are finally doing something about the way the teachers dress.' I think we are trying to be considerate of the teachers and the public at the same time," Derico said.

Jeff Blaydes, the lawyer representing the American Federation of Teachers, said that it will most likely file a lawsuit against the Board of Education and that the dress code is against the constitutional right of the teachers.

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