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Organization Helps Find West Virginia Dogs Homes

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According to the PetFinder website, West Virginia has more than 15,000 dogs that need to be adopted. An out-of-state rescue came to take just a few of those dogs to find good homes.

Roger's Rescues is an all volunteer organization that made the long trip from New Jersey to Marion County. It brought some lucky dogs back to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to foster homes. The organization was established in 2001 and has rescued more than 1500 animals.

Volunteers pull animals from kill shelters and find them foster homes. Volunteer drivers often help transport the dogs state to state.

"We had the ability this time to actually come visit, meet the staff here," said Adrienne Kepp, a member of the Board of Directors for Roger's Rescues. "The staff then gets to know what we have at home as far as our resident animals. And then they try and point out the more highly adoptable dogs from the shelter."

Amanda Allenby is the shelter manager at The Marion County Humane Society. She said they are grateful that the organization made the nearly six hour trip.

"It's a tremendous help. Because here in Marion County, and several other counties in West Virginia, there so many that we can't find the homes for all of them and a lot of them, they die in the shelter," Allenby said. "And this way they find wonderful homes and then we have space to take more, to help more."

"We're just trying to get the dogs from an area like this that the adoption is maybe lower, to a more highly populated area that we can find them homes and make other families complete," said Kepp.

Roger's Rescues is a virtual rescue. It uses social media to help get information about the dogs to their soon to be foster homes.

The rescue took home four dogs from the Marion County Animal Shelter and at least five from other shelters in the area and during the trip back.

"We've been inside taking pictures and posting them to our group asking the foster homes if these certain animals meet their criteria for what they're looking for," Kepp said. "And we're waiting for email responses actually."

The dogs need to stop by the vet before leaving Marion County for a health certificate to cross state lines

The Marion County Humane Society is not the only shelter that Rodgers rescue is working with it also goes to other places in West Virginia and Kentucky.

There are as many as 40 dogs and many more cats still available for adoption at the Marion County Humane Society.

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