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Hearing Loss Trending More Among Younger People

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Hearing loss doesn't affect just senior citizens.

Experts said people ages 18 to 35 may have unique hearing issues of their own.

One in 10 people in the United States suffers from hearing loss. It can be mild to profound.

People ages 18 to 35 may have unique issues with hearing loss that someone older wouldn't face.

"We're thinking like rock concerts those kind of noises. When we're thinking about the young generations 20 30 year olds, ear buds, I-pods you put that directly in your ear your cranking that up that sound has no place to go and that's just as damaging as standing beside a loud speaker," said Rebecca Higgins, of Advanced Hearing Solutions.

Hearing loss due to age occurs at different rates and affects each person differently. It occurs so gradual many people don't even notice they have hearing loss.

"People wait about seven years before they do anything about their hearing loss, and its usually a gradual process you don't realize that you have it," Higgins said.

Advanced Hearing Solutions said only 12 percent of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical, so it's a good idea to get it done around the same time.

"It doesn't hurt to call your hearing professional, and just get a hearing exam see where your hearing is, have a baseline have that information, and if your hearing is normal maybe every two years," Higgins said.

In the end, common sense applies here. If you think something is loud or loud to others turn it down.

"Being aware of the sounds that are around us every single day. The world is a really loud place, there's a lot going on and we just don't realize its affecting like it is."

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