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Experts: Leaving Pets In A Hot Car Could Cause Serious Health Issues, Death

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Many people love to take their pets with them everywhere they go.

The problem with that is many places don't allow pets. When you leave your pet in the car, you could be doing more harm than good.

For some people, a pet is like a child.

"Peggy is my family. We do everything together," said Danny Wyatt, pet owner. "I walk her two to three times a day."

Just like a child, you want to keep your pet healthy.

"Her health is really important. I monitor her daily just to make sure she is okay," Wyatt said.

Veterinarians said it's important to keep your pets' health in mind all of the time, but especially when taking them on car rides in the summer.

"What most people do is just crack the window and leave the pet," said Dr. Scott Moore, Fairmont Veterinary Hospital. "The problem with that is in temperatures like we are currently experiencing, that car can still reach even with the window cracked, can still reach temperatures exceeding 120 degrees."

Veterinarians said the temperature inside of your car increases every minute that you're gone. If its 90 degrees outside, your pet could be locked inside of a 109 degree car in just ten minutes.

"It can be fatal. If you leave them there for just a short period of time, if they are slightly dehydrated they can go into shock, have a heat stroke and die very quickly," Dr. Moore said.

So how do you prevent this from happening to your pet?

"The best thing to do and really the best thing to do all the time is leave your pet at home when you're running to the store," Dr. Moore said.

"When I get in my car daily it's blazing hot. I can barely even touch my steering wheel," Wyatt said. "I can't even imagine a pet being in there over a period of time without the owner."

Veterinarians said if you're bringing your pet along for the ride, have a plan for when you have to get out of the car.

"If you have family with you and one person can go in and the rest of the people can stay in the car with the pet and allow the car to remain running, that's the ideal situation," Dr. Moore said.

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