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Wild & Wonderful Wednesday: Mountain Coaster

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Wisp Resort has the only Mountain Coaster in the entire mid-Atlantic, riders finish their 1,200 foot assent, then only one thing matters, gravity. It takes over, and off you go.

"Oh my gosh I almost had the heart attack, it was so much fun. Everyone should do it," said Tammy Cole, a first time rider from Louisiana.

The Mountain coaster races you down 3,500 feet of track, making a 350 foot drop in elevation.

Through twists and turns, helixes and hills, the coaster maxes out at 29 miles-per-hour.

"I don't think its as intimidating as a regular roller coaster," said Lori Epp of Wisp Resort. "There is no upside down, no super fast speeds, plus you can get two people in a cart which is a little more intimate for families."

The coaster was built in 2007 and is the perfect stop for anyone's day trip. It runs during the day into night and is perfect for the entire family.

"People are just so ecstatic," said Epp. "Because we have so many other activities its a good compliment to everything else we have here. It added a new aspect to everyone's vacations, and even though they've tried it year after year, they still come back to try it to get that one mountain coaster ride."

And many do return year after year. Each ride trying to be a bit braver and not use the hand breaks that are designed to allow the rider to truly control there own seed.

"Many folks will be intimidated the first time and use there hand break the first time, but by there second or third run, they're using no break at all," said Epp.

"I think its fun," said Melissa Opalanko, of Pittsburgh. "I don't remember it being this fast a couple summers ago. I tried using the breaks less, but still found myself using them."

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