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Indiana Company Purchases 100-Year-Old Fairmont Business

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W.S. Thomas Transfer opened in 1899. Now, the owner is selling the business, but he said not much will change.

"I've hunted for somebody for two years to really come in and take over the company, and keep it going, and keep it local. I finally found that person," said Robert H. Thompson, the former owner of W.S. Thomas Transfer.

That company is Online Transport based out of Indiana. Billy Cunningham will take over as vice president, and he said there won't be any changes.

"The same employees will have a job, the same shop employees will have a job, the property will stay the same, the driving ports will stay the same, the only thing we want to do is expand the business for the community," said Cunningham.

The Thompson family took over in 1949. Thompson said he remembers something specific from when the family took over.

"They had a phone number of six or eight. I tried to get seven, so that if somebody called on one it would automatically go to the next one, but I couldn't get it. We did have six or eight for years and years," said Thompson.

After more than 60 years in business, Thompson said selling is a bittersweet feeling.

"It's mixed emotions, but I've been here 65 years. I think its time for me to retire and enjoy life for a while, but I'll miss it," Thompson said.

And when Thompson misses it just a little too much, Cunningham said he's always welcome.

"Mr. Thompson's got a place here, we would like him to come and hang out. He still has his office here. He's got a wealth of information that's just fun to be around," Cunningham explained.

Thompson said he searched for a company that would leave the business in Fairmont, and keep it almost the same, and he said he's very happy with his choice in Online Transport.

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