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Baseball Players Shine In Morgantown Miracle League

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"We play baseball. Mountainfest team. We play baseball out here today to win, out here, the game."

Ralph LaGatta may plan to win, but he truly represents what it means to play for fun.

With smiles on their faces and chatter on their tongues, LaGatt and the rest of his Miracle League teammates prove that winning isn't everything.

"I like playing with my friends," said ballplayer Kevin Waugerman.

"They're all a bunch of good guys, I just like coming out here," added ballplayer Adam Shine.

At first base for the Mountainfest team LaGatta is one of the league's most dedicated.

"Baseball is really great," he said. "They hit the baseball, I got my new glove one me, you catch the ball up in the air. You catch it, like that, and you keep it."

At each at bat LaGatta swings for the fence, often reaching it.

With a smile on his face his dad Francis watches intently from the stands.

"You really have to be a parent to understand how overwhelming it is to sit out here and watch them play, and see how great they get along," he said.

The Miracle League in Morgantown is sponsored by Stepping Stones, a recreation center for disabled persons. The field is located at Mylan park and is made softer and safer for the players.

Ralph's dad said the league teaches the players many lessons beyond fielding and swinging a bat.

"He's learning to obey rules, the discipline," said Francis LaGatta. "Of course he gets excited when he hit home runs."

"I didn't ever think he would ever develop to this point. I've been an athlete all my life and hoping that one of my boys would be an athlete too. And he is," he said.

"I play baseball everyday, that's all," said Ralph. "And I play baseball everyday. I play baseball and I play good. I'm a good hitter. I'm a good baseball player."

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