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Morgantown Church of Christ Members Help Needy Homeowners

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A hot summer day is the perfect time to do some yard work or fix up the house. And that's just what members of the Morgantown Church of Christ did Monday for some needy homeowners.

Members of the Morgantown Church of Christ are working on at least four houses this week and are hoping to get to two more. They are not only painting, but doing minor repairs like fixing windows and railings.

Christine Wilcox is a homeowner receiving work at her house. She was put into contact with the church by the City Code Enforcement.

"Work, and raising my little one, and don't have time to take care of these things myself," Wilcox said. "So, for someone like the Morgantown Church of Christ to come in and their volunteers to come take their time and fix the house up for me, I think it's just fantastic." Christine Wilcox/Homeowner

Alex Phares is a church member that is volunteering her time to help.

"I'm just looking forward to getting more houses done and meeting the homeowners too," Phares said. "Hopefully this brightens up their day, just spreading the love to them a bit."

The program is completely free to the homeowners.

Matt Lowe is the Minister at the church. He said everyone in the congregation made donations or volunteered their time.

"It's something that every person can be involved in and we can do together as a church family. And we really believe it offers hope," Lowe said. "Just the thought that the church can show up and make things completely better, completely different for a homeowner in just a couple days."

"We are told to go out and maybe push our comfort zones a little bit," Phares said. "And this is just a small way we can do that."

Each homeowner was set up with the program for different issues with their property.

Wilcox said most of her repairs were needed because of storm damage.

"It will feel a little more homey now. It takes a big burden off not having to come home and see the disarray, and the broken handrails, and broken siding," Wilcox said. "I can look at my home and be proud of it again."

The Morgantown Church of Christ is accepting applications for next summer. Visit the church's website to find out how to apply.

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