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Fresh Air Fund Brings City Kids to the Mountain State

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Grass, trees, and fresh air might be something we take for granted, but for kids from New York City it's a whole new experience.

"These kids have never felt the grass between their feet, never caught fire flys, they've never slept in tents. All the things that are no big deal for us, it's a whole new world for these kids," said Rachel Eubank, co-chairperson for the Fresh Air Fund program.

Rachel and Bob Eubank are the chairpersons for the Fresh Air Fund program in this area. Kids from New York City are paired with host families in rural areas. The families then show the kids what living here is like.

"We love bringing them here. One kid got off the bus and said, 'its so green here, its so beautiful here.' All you have to do is walk out your front door and there is a adventure that these kids have never experienced. Here, it's just wild and wonderful, we know that," said Eubank.

The Eubank's have been hosting the same child every year for the last 9 years.

"Summer isn't summer without Mathew here with us. He's done all kinds of new things," explained Eubank.

Eubank said Mathew only wanted to do one thing when he first came to West Virginia.

"His first year he came all he wanted to do, we took him every where we did all kinds of stuff, and he said, 'you know all I wanted to do was see a black and white cow. I've seen them on TV and I've never seen one for real,' so that kind of stuff is what they're really excited to do," Eubank said.

Sunday all of the host families came together to have a welcome picnic. The kids got to swim in Maple Lake and enjoy the outdoors. Hasina Foye is from the Bronx, and is enjoying her first time in West Virginia.

"It's a new way that I can enjoy stuff, meet new families and travel," explained Foye.

Foye has some things she wants to do while here.

"Go kayaking, swimming of course, and just enjoy myself," Foye said.

The kids will be here for two weeks.

For more information on the Fresh Air Fund click here.

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