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Bridgeport Benedum Festival Includes Oil and Gas Expo

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The Bridgeport Benedum Festival has been an annual event for 19 years and is in honor of Michael Benedum. The festival typically includes food vendors, games, and rides, but this year is a little different.

"We've been holding a festival in his honor. This year because of his connection with oil and gas we are holding our first oil and gas expo. They're demonstrating their products, services, and they all know who Michael Benedum is," said John Delcastro, the festival chairman.

The oil and gas expo featured companies that have almost anything to do with the industry. From Antero Resources to Emergency Site Protection, a company that's focused on safety.

"We work on oil field sites, frack sites, drilling sites. We try to be on location when something happens, that way we can render aid immediately. All our guys are minimum of basic EMT's and trained firefighters," explained David McCoy, with Emergency Site Protection.

Emergency Site Protection offered demonstrations of its compressed air foam machine on an A.T.V.

"We'll shoot a little bit of foam and show them how it works and how immediate it is. It's the type of thing you don't have to start a motor or anything you just open the valve and you're fighting fires right away," McCoy said.

In addition to demonstrations some company's were offering information to future employees.

"We're actively recruiting, so anyone who is interested in picking up an application, we are hiring and we are growing," said Mike Staple, with Allied Oil and Gas Services.

Staple said events like these help in getting Allied Oil and Gas Services name out in the community.

"Lots of people don't understand or don't know of some of the businesses that are in the oil field, so we feel its important for us to come to these events and kind of show our colors," explained Staple.

And the Bridgeport Benedum Festival isn't just helpful for the oil and gas companies.

"It really helps generate interest, not only the local businesses in the area but also the oil and gas producers down at the expo, so it's been helpful for that," explained Malorie Shriver, an employee with Third Millennium Marketing.

The festival also featured a chicken roast and car show.

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