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Road Slip Forces Lewis County Family From Home

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Steve Strader and his family were at home the morning it all started. He noticed a big crack in the road along Route 19 just outside of Jane Lew. As more traffic passed throughout the day, the crack continued to widen until the road started to slip away. But the road wasn't the only thing that was damaged. Strader's home was close enough to the shoulder that it's literally going with the road.

"No, the house is a total loss. The foundation is busted so bad, it's unrepairable. There is no repairing it whatsoever, and it's still sliding as we speak. As you can see the road here is almost at our head level, and it's still sliding," Strader said.

He said he can see that when Route 19 was widened, crews simply poured blacktop on clay. The old section of the road was based on concrete, and was not part of the slip. He said the state offered to take care of the damage to his house, but that may change.

"It's undoubtedly our fault, we'll go ahead and purchase your home so you can go ahead and move because we'll have to repair the road and the house is in the way.' Then they came back to me yesterday and the state told me that they weren't going to pay for anything, we were on our own," said Strader.

The Division of Highways said it hasn't made that decision just yet. It said it's still not sure what needs to be done to make repairs, but emphasize that nothing's been decided so far.

"As far as the situation being final, it's not. To our understanding, these repairs are still ongoing, we are down in this area fixing the slip. We are still doing assessments, so there's been no final decision made," said the Division of Highway's Carrie Bly.

Strader said he understands that his house may have to come down and is willing to part with the house, as long as he gets back what he put into it.

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