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Part 4: HOPE For Humanity Investigation

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Over the course of the last few days, we talked about how HOPE for Humanity failed to deliver promises to those in need, but there was one project Director Karen Schnopp called mostly complete.

Schnopp said HOPE For Humanity completed about four projects, spending a combined $1,000. One of those projects was the renovation of a house between Kingwood and Terra Alta.

"It was a home for a lady, she hadn't lived there for eight years," said Schnopp. "The floor, the ceiling, there was more to be done. We were going to have a contractor go in, but we had it to where she could live in it temporary."

Years ago, Debbie Smith and her son moved out of their home, after she couldn't afford needed maintenance and upkeep. HOPE for Humanity was to change all of that.

"She burnt my shrubbery, she took out all my bushes, my flower bushes," said Smith. "She said she would give me a $500 gift card to Lowe's. I asked her where she was getting all of this money, she wouldn't tell me. She said donations from people."

Smith said the house remains unsafe for her and her teenage son, adding that the only thing HOPE For Humanity did was leave her rotten floors and leaky roof.

"I found my grandma's Bible, that she left me, out here in the yard. And I really got mad at them about that," she said.

Smith was just another disappointed person, just like Carrie Whilhelm who said Schnopp promised to pay her power bill. She said Schnopp even called the power company and gave her a confirmation number. In an email, Mon Power confirms that a women called the company's automated system to pay for Whilhelm's bill but used an bank account number that did not go through.

So at the end of the day, what does Schnopp think of all of this?

"There's a lot of ways to scam people, but if you're not going to get anything else out of it, and like I said, that's all I'm getting right now," she said. "And yes, I feel bad that I let people down. And I did. I do, and it bothers me, I really wanted to help people."

It's important to remember nobody has claimed any missing money. State police are investigating, but charges have not been filed.

Schnopp was given numerous opportunities to do a second interview on camera to address the allegations, she declined all of them.

Schnopp said she's been threatened since HOPE For Humanity unraveled and maintains she was out to do good.

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