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Lena Lunsford Released After Wheeling Court Appearance

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A Wheeling woman who was arrested twice in two weeks by U.S. Marshals for violating terms of her supervised release appeared in federal court Thursday for a preliminary revocation hearing.

Lena Lunsford argued that there is evidence that she is not a flight risk or a danger to the community. Magistrate Seibert agreed and released Lunsford on bond with a condition that she may not associate with a convicted felon, who court documents have identified as the father of her unborn child. If Lunsford violates the conditions of her supervised release, she will face prosecution for contempt of court, according to court filings.

Lunsford is the mother of missing Aliayah Lunsford who disappeared from the Bendale area of Lewis County on September 24, 2011.  She was 3-years-old at the time of her disappearance.  No one has been charged in the case.

Conditions of Lunsford's release include: maintain employment, maintain an educational program if not employed, not leave West Virginia unless authorized to do so, avoid all contact with named persons, comply with curfew, refrain from possessing firearms, refrain from using alcohol or narcotic drugs, submit to a urine analysis upon demand, participate in substance abuse treatment, refrain from abusing prescription drugs, and refrain from possessing synthetic marijuana.

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