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Families in Shinnston Affected by Flooding After Storms

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On Tuesday night, Jeremy and Misty Audia realized that their house on South Pike Street in Shinnston was flooding quickly. Before they knew it, the unexpected happened.

"The water came down off of that hill, and off of this hill, filled up the whole area. We went down to check our basement and try to straighten up everything. We came out, and the whole wall just collapsed from the weight of the water," said Jeremy Audia.

The fire department told the Audias to enter the house at their own risk. Now they are struggling to figure out what's next.

"The city of Shinnston, basically, isn't doing anything, the insurance said it was a flood, and we don't have flood insurance because we don't live near a river. So, basically, we don't know what we're going to do," said Audia.

Audia said the city replaced the sewer lines a few years back, and they have been noticing more water in their basement ever since.

When contacted the city of Shinnston released this statement:

"On Tuesday night, Shinnston experienced a really unusual and severe storm. In several areas, asphalt was displaced, parts of streets disintegrated and rock was swept out of alleys and onto roads. Police were dispatched for traffic control as flooding occurred on Route 19 near the former Dairy Queen, reducing the road to one lane. One home suffered extreme damage, as water swept away both its foundation and gas meter. Many people had flooded basements. The City's insurance agent met with several people who sustained damage on Wednesday morning as they called into the City Offices. Drainage along the State Routes is managed by the state; some issues may have been complicated by the construction of the new Shinnston Bridge. The amount of rain that came down Tuesday night simply overpowered any natural drainage or storm drains that existed," said city manager Debra Herndon.

The Audias weren't the only ones that sustained major damage. Brian Ward's house on Hood Avenue was also affected.

"When we got here, it was a foot and a half. You could see it pressure through the door, and the door was bent. So there was a lot of pressure behind that door," said Ward.

Ward said the estimated damage is about $20,000 and this isn't the first time his house has flooded.

"This is the second time it's happened, it happened in 2008. I had two frantic boys last night, alone and my wife is in the hospital. It was really hard and to know that this is not covered by homeowners insurance is hard," Ward said.

Ward had just one request for the city.

"At the very least I wish they would put better drainage in the street. Two drains is not enough, and it will happen again," said Ward.

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