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Wild & Wonderful Wednesday: Eurobungy and Rock Climbing Wall at Canaan Valley

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Most of us have dreamed of flying once or twice in our lives. Although it is physically impossible for humans, Canaan Valley Resort offers the next best thing. It's called Eurobungy.

"We've had this now for about nine years. It's a trampoline that you blow up. It takes air. We hook you to a harness with a bunch of bungy cords that allows you to bounce up and down. You can do summersaults or flips. You have to be between 20 to 200 pounds. It's of all ages and we have people of all ages who come and do it, so it's fun for everybody," Canaan Valley Recreation Manager David Vance said.

I began the activity with plenty of apprehension, but it was something that involved almost zero preparation, which meant it was time to leave it all out there.

The level of difficulty was almost nonexistent, but it did become much tougher when the Eurobungy guide Tyler told me to try a back flip.

I tried several times, but failed to do so.

I needed a pep talk.

"In order to do the back flip, you need to throw your knees to your chest as soon as you leave the black trampoline. Midway through the air, simply pull yourself back and throw your legs over your head," Tyler said.

Then somehow, someway, I did it.

And I continued to do it.

"Everybody loves it because everybody can do it. All the kids and the parents get together. So you've got kids here and the parents are rooting them on. Then of course, the kids talk a few of the parents into doing it," Vance said. "So it's a great family activity for everybody to do something together."

The Eurobungy is also connected to a rock climbing wall.

"It's attached to a 25-foot rock climbing wall also. So you can have four people climbing the climbing wall, while having someone doing the Eurobungy at the same time. So you can have several different things going on at once," Vance said.

Of course, I had to try it as well!

"The pricing is very reasonable," Vance said. "It's six dollars for a Eurobungy and six dollars for a climb. Or you can buy a combo and do both of them for 10 dollars."

"The Eurobungy is probably the most popular because you can do flips or summersaults on it. Then more people get to cheer while watching that happen."

"Alright sir, your time is up. I'm going to go ahead and bring you down to the ground," Tyler said.

Each session on the Eurobungy lasts for roughly three minutes. It's more than enough to wear you out, but it's worth the price of admission. The Eurobungy at Canaan Valley is something that is a cheap, yet very thrilling activity for people of all ages.

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