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Elkins Police Working With New On-Officer Camera System

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The Elkins Police Department is now working with some new technology that provides a complete video record from a perspective rarely seen.

During a traffic stop everything is recorded from a dash cam.  The department started using new technology Wednesday where everything is recorded from the officer's point of view.

The Taser company, known for making non-lethal stun-guns has a new tool for law enforcement. It's called Taser Axon Flex, an on-officer camera system that captures audio and video to be used as evidence in the event of an encounter.

"We had some money left over in our budget at the end of the year, we've been kind of saving and scrimping and scraping on that, and we had enough money to make the purchase," said Chief Rob White.

White said 11 officers will each have one. The camera is able to stream video and audio via Bluetooth to a smart phone by way of an app. It allows officers to review video from a smart phone while still on scene. Video can also be uploaded to allow the police department to create digital evidence systems.

"The officer is going to follow the incident, the camera is going to follow the incident every step of the way however it develops. It's going to be a wonderful tool for us," White said.

Officers said having a complete video record will provide a higher level of protection for them and the public.

"It will be very important, because it will show our point of view of what's happening when you call or see whatever is going on, it will show anything," said senior patrolman Justin Sigley.

White said the department's goal is to document and take evidence from the cases it works on. Discs can be made so a court can see exactly what the officer sees.

"One party can say this occurred, and other party can say this occurred. This is going to show without a shadow of a doubt exactly what happened," White said.

White said he's mandating a policy where the cameras will be used all the time. Those cameras are in service right now.

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