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Fairmont Police Arrest 30 People at UMWA Protest

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Thousands of current and former mine workers gathered in Fairmont Tuesday to protest bankrupt Patriot Coal Corp.'s plan to cut their benefits.

The Fairmont Police Department arrested 30 people for unlawful assembly after the group failed to obtain a permit to assemble. Police asked the group to move and it refused.

Those arrested include: Mike Caputo, District 31 international vice president of the UMW, majority whip for the West Virginia House of Delegates; UMW International Secretary-Treasurer Dan Kane; UMWA International at Large Vice President Donnie Samms; Carlo Tarley; Andrew Switzer; Francis Baker; Mark Dorsey; Curtis Burton; David Serock; Beverly Alvarez; Peggy Reynolds; Christina Caputo; James Hershman; Joseph Reynolds; Eva Jarvis; Joan Sanders; Glenn Switzer; R. Don Prange; Sherry Lepka; Orman Bowyer; Tanya James; Doff Belcher; David Moore; Darrell Bias; Patsy Riccuti; Grace Murray; Benjamin Murray, Sr.; Randy Murray Sr.; James Murray; Benjamin Murray, Jr.; Cecil Roberts, Jr.

All 30 people pleaded guilty to the charge and paid a $327 fine each, said Fairmont Police Chief Kelley Moran.

"Everybody was very nice and well behaved. They put on a peaceful demonstration," said Moran about the event.

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