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Barbecue University Teaches the Ins and Outs of Grilling

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A lot of times in the summer, it's too hot to cook inside and the grill is a perfect place to make dinner.

Barbecue University at West Virginia University teaches people how to grill like a master.

Barbecue University is offered through the Alumni Association at WVU. It's a series of three classes, the first was held on Tuesday. It's theme: rubs and sauces.

"How to make rubs, how to make sauces. Showing them some combinations of things, giving them some things they are maybe outside of the realm a little bit, as far as grilled vegetables, things like that," said executive director Scott Spiker of the Erickson Alumni Center.

Spiker is the teacher for Barbecue University. He said he wanted to get across to the class that almost anything can be grilled.

"There's not a whole lot of things you can't do. Especially in the summer time when your house is really hot and you know you can cook things on the grill, all your vegetables, your starches, along with your meats," Spiker said.

Some of the students attend multiple cooking classes offered by the Alumni Association, Isaac Wolford is one of them. He said he enjoys trying the things he learns at the class at home.

"Looking at the grilled pork loin, that's definitely one of the things I'll be trying very soon. And the fact that they also integrate and look at the different wine pairings that can go along with the food. That makes the entire package come together," said Wolford, a Morgantown resident.

Spiker taught the class how to cook meat, make rubs, and had some tips to remember when grilling.

"Don't be afraid to experiment. Everybody has their own flavor profile, things that they like to do. Cooking most time with barbecues are low and slow, you want to put it on and let it take it's time and you don't want to hurry it. Just have fun with it," said Spiker.

The theme for the next class is "choosing the meat" and the one after that is called, "pulling it all together."

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