12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson With Ryan Koury: How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball


The 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson with Ryan Koury was created to help golfers of all ages throughout North Central West Virginia. Our plan is to answer questions every week during the segment by conducting a drill or lesson of some sort, which will aim to improve your game.

12Sports is proud to feature Ryan Koury, a PGA Professional in the Morgantown area, as the head professional during the weekly segment. His knowledge of the game of golf has been crafted over years of studying the game, and will share his expertise with our loyal viewers throughout the area.

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When you watch a PGA Tour golf tournament from the comfort of your own home, it's easy to come away with the impression that the game is easy. As many golfers are already aware of, the game of golf is nowhere close to easy.

One of the toughest shots in golf is the ability to put backspin on the ball. This is typically executed when golfers are on their approach shots, looking to stick the ball on the green.

PGA Professional Ryan Koury goes over a list of three main principles in order to successfully execute an approach shot with backspin.

To begin, he said to always make contact with the ball first instead of aiming at the piece of grass in front of it. As a result, this will allow you to hit a much more powerful shot at the green.

Secondly, he said it's crucial to be able to transfer your weight from your back leg, to your front leg. The follow-through of the shot should feel as though all of your weight is being put on your front leg. The equal weight transfer will allow you to drive through the ball, and ultimately hit a more balanced shot at the pin.

Finally, your hands need to be in front of the club head during the follow-through. This will assure the proper strength is behind the shot, which can give the ball a backspin effect. The ball should stick on the green, then roll back a couple of feet as it approaches the hole.

Backspin is much easier to attain with a higher lofted club, such as a nine iron or a pitching wedge. The higher you can hit the ball, the better chance you will have at creating backspin in your shot.

The key point to remember in this lesson is that creating backspin on your approach shots is not something that happens during a single outing at the driving range. It's something that takes plenty of time to correct. But if you practice the aforementioned principles, then you should see a greater amount of backspin on your approach shots.

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